Wholesale Coffee


Our wholesale coffee is roasted to order and sold in five pound bags

Please allow 2 days for processing orders and roasting

New customers will be contacted before order is processed to retrieve business information and discuss shipping details


Melancholy Roasting, LLC has very simple pricing for wholesale coffees

All coffees listed in the form below are priced at $8 dollars per pound and are sold in 5 pound bags. Shipping costs are not included and will be discussed with customers through email after first order is submitted.

Melancholy Roasting, LLC is able to carry any origins and create blends that customers are looking for. Please email us and we can add requested coffee to our lineup.

Our wholesale customers will be required to submit tax information after first order is submitted. If you are looking for bulk coffee pricing and not wholesale, please contact us and we will see how we can help.

First time customer and have questions? Feel free to submit the form below and we will contact you through email.

Submitting this form does not confirm your purchase and no order is completed until after an invoice is emailed to you and you confirm payment.

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New customers will be contacted to discuss delivery Current customers will only be charged agreed amount for delivery
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Signature Blends: Treehouse, Cavern, Espresso Single Origins: Sumatra, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Guatemala