Melancholy Roasting can roast coffee to meet any need


Our coffee is sold online and at our physical location in Ava, Missouri.

All of our online sales are roasted on Fridays and shipped Saturday. This ensures that you’re receiving the freshest roasted coffee, allowing you to brew cafe quality coffee from home.


We deliver our fresh roasted coffee to offices in our local area. Springfield, Missouri is our primary source of orders for offices.

Melancholy Roasting will work to meet any coffee need around the office. These orders are hand delivered to the local area every Monday.

Shipping is available. Please contact us for more information


We offer wholesale pricing to coffee shops, churches or anyone regularly brewing large large amounts of coffee.

Minimum orders may be required. Please contact us for more information.


Melancholy Roasting bags are available for resale. We offer case quantity pricing at a much reduced rate.

This is a great option if you own any type or retail store or if you want a great giveaway item for your businesses or organization.

Ask us about custom packaging to allow you to create your own brand of coffee through us.


Melancholy Roasting has teamed up with organizations to help raise funds by providing custom labeled coffee bags. These bags are sold to the organization at a discounted price and then resold by the organization at the retail price.

There are two organizations that Melancholy Roasting has collaborated closer with. These organizations are: