President - Dr. Ken Tombley

Secretary- Hannah Tombley

Treasurer - Nathan Moore

Marketing and Coffee Sales - Josiah Tombley

Who We Are

The Micah Joel Foundation is a non-profit. The foundation was formed in 2018, after Micah Joel Tombley finished his battle with cancer. He was a young man with charisma, love, and zeal. Micah was bold about sharing the power of a personal relationship with Jesus. He was passionate about sharing the gospel in the 10/40 Window. Micah was committed to the role of prayer in extending and expressing the kingdom of God.

What We Do

The foundation is committed to:

Nurturing and empowering people to engage in extending the Kingdom of Jesus.

Collecting and distributing financial resources to existing and proven mission organizations invested in work in the 10/40 window. Linking others to mission organizations.

How we do it

Developing a revenue stream for ministry through the sale of coffee to individuals and to organizations. Proceeds from these coffee sales are used to fund established missionaries that have account- able relationships with proven mission organizations & prayer fo- cused events.