Where We Started

In March 2018 I decided I wanted to go through with my dream of owning a coffee shop. I didn’t know where to start, but I knew I needed to get something going. I decided that my hometown of Ava, Missouri (an hour’s drive from my home in Springfield) would be the perfect place to begin. I knew I didn’t have the skills or resources needed to started coffee shop, so I bought a small semi-commercial espresso machine and started practicing. There is a small farmers market in Ava on Saturday mornings during the spring and summer. I brought the machine and a some equipment and set up a stand there every Saturday to serve coffee and lattes. After a couple of weeks my brother Caleb joined me and we decided that this was something we could do together. We knew that a coffee shop would be hard to support in a small town that already had some competition. We had to think of a way to increase profits and sales before we even considered opening a shop.

We looked into coffee roasting as a way of having products that anyone who likes coffee can buy in store or online and realized it was just what we needed to start building our brand. We ordered the roaster and spent a few months practicing and perfecting our skills.

Over the summer our focus had shifted from barista to roaster and the name Melancholy Roasting was created. We just needed a place to roast other than my garage. In October 2018 we found a place for rent in Ava that was perfect for a shop. We had to do a bit of work to get things ready but we are finally ready to open on November 3rd 2018!

There’s a ton more to say but I’ll have to save it for future posts.

Thanks for reading! -Matt