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Rooted in The Ozarks

Melancholy Roasting was created in 2018 by Caleb and Matthew. The two brothers started out at the Ava Farmer’s Market with a small espresso machine and a strong drive to learn the industry. After spending the summer of 2018 perfecting techniques, Melancholy Roasting officially opened in Ava, Missouri.


We take every opportunity to help someone in need or to inspire others to reach their goals.


We are a team of real people who focus on truly caring for our community and our customers.


We strive to perfect the art of coffee and create something special for every customer.

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Coffee Bean Election Criteria

Coffee is graded on a 100 point scale with 80 points and above being considered specialty coffee. Melancholy Roasting selects coffees from around the world that are within the specialty coffee range with most coffees being above 85 points. Melancholy Roasting also strives to ensure the coffee growers are treated and compensated fairly.

Air-Roasted Coffee

Melancholy Roasting uses a method of roasting known as air roasting or fluid bed roasting. In this method, the coffee must remain moving while roasting to ensure evenly roasted coffee. Air roasters use hot air to blow the coffee around the roasting chamber. This keeps the coffee moving and allows for a great roast profile in every batch.


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