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Roasted in Ava, Missouri

Coffee taste is at its peak a few days after roasting. Our coffee is roasted to order every Friday and shipped on Saturday morning

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Melancholy Roasting, LLC is a family owned and operated coffee roastery in Ava, Missouri

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Live in the Springfield, Missouri area?

Check out our local delivery service to get special locally priced coffee delivered to your home or office!


Small-batch coffee roastery Melancholy Roastery LLC launched as a family-owned business in the summer of 2018. Since we air-roast only two pounds of coffee at a time, our customers know that their beans are quality assured. As both the owners and operators alike, brothers Matthew and Caleb are free to provide quality coffee beans at competitive prices. This goal lies at the heart of our mission. Accomplishing both a quality roast and competitive prices for our beans requires making strategic decisions on where we can get the most value for the investment. Additionally, we are free to offer quality beans at competitive prices because we choose to keep our operation small and expand precisely when we are prepared to do so.

Most large coffee providers create blends of coffee so that the flavors of the higher grades mask the taste of the low grades in the blend. This process makes it possible for them to offer low prices, but their consumers will brew only a mediocre cup of coffee. Unlike these larger coffee providers, Melancholy Roasting creates our blends only out of the same high quality coffee that we would sell as single origins. Instead of disguising low quality, we blend origins of coffee that accent each other’s flavor notes and produce a quality cup of coffee with each brew. Each customer’s brew deserves priority to Melancholy Roasting.


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